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My folks hail from 13 different states and 2 countries, they got around! Some of my history has been documented by my paternal aunt, she was able to trace her mother’s family to their slave owners. She died before she could publish her book. I have no aspirations to publish but I do wish to share not just my own discoveries but hers.

I have no stories other than the ones I can remember growing up. My mother and I were brought up in the era of, “children should been seen and not heard” and “little pitchers have big ears”, so we were not privy to “grown folks” conversation. Having grandchildren is such a blessing! I spend time with them, talking about my childhood and the little I remember my Elders talking about. In this way I hope to give them stories and perhaps, just perhaps they will one day pick up where I leave off and they will have stories of their own!

So if you please, follow along with me as I go from Root to Root and Elder to Elder, Gathering My Family and Untangling My Roots!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. My mother was Florence White, Elizabeth was my Grand Mother, Ednamay my aunt. Please contact me at 347-743-1315.


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