Surnames and Locations

Alexander – Arkansas

Barbee – Kentucky, Aurora IL.,

Becton – Mississippi

Bennett – Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Brown – Kentucky, Harrison County Indiana, Corydon Indiana, Madison Indiana, Holden Missouri, Missouri,

Carter – Mississippi

Chenault -?

Franklin – Mississippi, Marshall Mississippi, Houston Texas, Tennessee

Harris – Texas

Holland – Texas, Galveston Texas

Jones – Shreveport Louisiana, Louisiana, Georgia,

Maxey – Cuba

Mitchem/Mitchum – ?

Rice – Virgina

Rochester – Kentucky

Shannon – Illinois Aurora IL, Missouri, Kentucky

Smith – Indiana, Kentucky, Meade County Kentucky, Louisiana,

Stewart – Janesville Wisconsin, Illinois, West Virgina, Florida, Washington DC

Stith – Meade County Kentucky

Walker – Arkansas

Wimp – Meade County Kentucky

6 thoughts on “Surnames and Locations

  1. Cousin this is really nice… I’m encouraged!!!! You make me want to get my nails done and write.. 🙂 I love you already. Keep up the good work.


  2. I am the great-great granddaughter of Ross Smith-Jones. I would really like to get acquainted with you. I can answer some questions for you and would love to learn about our family.


    1. Good morning cousin Shanier!
      I am so very sorry I’m just now responding! As you can tell I haven’t been doing very much with this blog, or research either for that matter!
      Please do reach out to me at 773-575-4926 so that we can connect. My maternal line has been the most difficult and has led me to take a very long break. I’m also on Facebook if you are, I would love to get to know you and share more family with you! There are more of us out here that I have found!



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