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Cops For Cats

This is not about genealogy but about another passion of mine!

It’s very cold in Chicago and it’s going to get colder before it warms up. This is a plea to my Police friends, I’m not going to bore you with details of the number of cats that are out there homeless and unloved, just know that there are a bunch!

Over the summer I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman, Georgia. This woman devotes an enormous amount of her time, gas and money to help feral and stray cats and kittens all over the city! What she and I do is called TNR, that’s Trap, Neuter, and Release. Cats form colonies and if there is a “feeder” (one who feeds them) then George (she prefers that name) traps them, gets them “fixed” and returns them to their colony.

She has made it possible for a number of areas to be targeted for this service, Englewood is one, as well as Pilsen. This is all done for FREE! What doing this means is females can’t have anymore kittens and males don’t spray 🙂 So the population remains stable.

Here is just a little information about feral cats,

I’m reaching out because the Chicago Cops I know are some of the most compassionate people ever under all that blue! I’m asking for a couple of things…OK maybe more than a couple, but I promise it’s not much! LOL

1. Build or buy a Winter Cat Shelter, here are instructions for building one. or you can buy a couple from To save even more money what I’ve done is taken cardboard boxes, put Styrofoam insulation inside, lined the bottom with heat reflecting sheets that you can pick up in sporting goods stores, put in some batting I had laying around and then put in some straw. Then I put the whole thing in one of those heavy duty contractor bags and taped it up!IMG_3350 IMG_3351

Is it pretty? Nope, but it does the job!

2. Reach out to George on Facebook, she has a page called Chicago TNR Ask her what you can do to help or just hit me up!

See, I told you it wasn’t much! And please share this with any and everyone you know who might be willing to help. Don’t make me call a 10-1! LOL

Thanks guys!

Donna, Ms Beat 735